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Strength BUILDING / personal FITNESS Training 
Logan Manzanares
Big Sky Barbell

KEmpo / MMA / Jiu-jitsu 
dynamic defense LABs 

Weapons combatives / STREET Self Defense / ccw pistol classes
John Betancourt
K4 Combat Systems

 Private MT/UT CCW certification courses also available!!!

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4 hr Classroom
1 hr Range

- Fortress Hall-
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Thou art my rock and my fortress. 
Deliver me, O my God out of the hand of the wicked,
out of the hand of the unrighteous and cruel man.

Psalm 71:4


Check out interview with owner in the Bozeman Chronicle:
concealed Weapons on the rise in Gallatin


A history of FBI statistics  show that the majority of violent confrontations are decided within:

-3 yards
-3 seconds
-and 3 shots

Are you prepared for such a situation??

Fortress: Personal Defense Solutions, 
...prides itself in the daily contribution to individual and community safety. By sharing common values and concerns we can grow as individuals and live as a community that is prepared in multiple ways to face the darkness that life can suddenly bring upon us. Remember; It rains upon the just, as well as the unjust!!

k4 Combat systems a diverse fighting and survival system with a wide range of skills, knowledge, and techniques drawn from multiple martial arts, war tested counter assault techniques, and street proven weapons combat. This is a great self defense system for anybody, including women and youths.

Personal protection is our first point of contact for many who seek to develop physical preparedness and self-confidence, but that is not where the learning ends. Not only do we train the body, but we also give great emphasis and care to the development of the mind and spirit. At the core of our system is the principle of Kei Shin Kan (change/growth of spirit). Physical ability may not be enough for success if you haven't the spiritual fortitude and honesty to triumph in the face of adversity.

Here we confront our inner battles;

-The daily tests of discipline and self-control, 
-Dealing with personal shortcomings and fears,
-Handling confrontations and conflict of varying degrees,
-Developing a world perspective that is not diluted by misguided ideals.

We have on going classes covering;
-Women's Self-Protection 
-NRA Training
-Concealed Carry Courses
-Utah CFP
-Combative Firearms Instruction
-Car Defense Tactics 
-Trauma Recovery
-Street Counter-Grappling 
-Dynamic Knife Fighting
-Active Shooter Confrontation 
-Also available throughout the northwest!!

Our end goal is to equip you with the ability to not only survive, but to LIVE & GROW, spiritually and physically under any type of adversity.

"When you have learned to fight, you won't have to."


Please, call us today if you live in or near the Bozeman, MT area and you are looking to begin a journey that will challenge and grow you in ways you have never before imagined!! Call to host an event near you now!!

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USA Carry Registered Instructor

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